Reality Instrument: Prototype 1

2020 · sound installation

Language is an elevated form of communication: it supervenes all other forms. With common words for common situations, we can talk about music and paintings, environmental and financial data, and so on. The reverse is difficult — try to use music to communicate about the environment and be understood.

But is language special? Is there something particular about it? Or, for accidental reasons, have we simply not developed alternatives?

The reality instrument is an effort to design a category theoretic framework for using music to communicate information.



2017 · venture

Monument is an artificial intelligence and machine learning platform that rebuilt a selection of cutting-edge time-series prediction algorithms from the ground up with a novel approach to low-level coding. This enabled the algorithms, which typically require the cloud and GPUs, to run performantly on off-the-shelf CPU-powered laptops. We then wrapped our AI engine in an intuitive graphical user interface to allow users to use AI with unprecedented security and ease. »

Wake Up, Mr. West: Reimagining America's Place in the World

2016 · writing

American Liberalism and Globalism has not delivered results for the majority of its citizens — and certainly for the rest of the world. Resentment of elites for their failure (or refusal) to actualize their stated egalitarian ideals will determine how the world moves from a uni-polar Post-World War 2 order to a multi-polar landscape. My essay looks at the misplaced shock of American Liberals through the lens on Trump's election.

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What I

2013 · music

The best track from an unfinished album.

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Letter From Indonesia

2012 · writing

Aceh is a region in northern Sumatra that experienced a failed armed separatist conflict and a tsunami in close succession. I wrote a piece on my travels through the region that was published in The Hudson Review's Winter 2012 edition. My essay is also collected in Places Lost and Found (Syracuse University Press), an anthology of travel writing selected from the past six decades of The Hudson Review.

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Stateless Along The Bay of Bengal: The Future of Burma's Rohingya

2011 · writing

In 2011, I traveled to Rakhine State, Myanmar to report on the Rohingya. I was based in East Africa at the time and published the article in a now-defunct East African newspaper. However, the article was picked up and reprinted by various blogs focused on Rohingya issues.

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